Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet Ms Sarah Parker

Today I went down to Fort Benning, Ga to meet this adorable little girl and her family for some pictures. Her Mom contacted me thru, The Littlest Hero's Project, to have her pictures made. This was my first session since joining LHP and I have to say it was a very moving experience for me. It made me think that we need to take nothing for granted and to enjoy our kids while they are little for they are only this way for a while. Here are a few of Sarah that are my favorites and Mom and Dad I hope you enjoy this sneak peak too. Thank you again for allowing me into your family's lives today to share in this very special time in Sarah's life. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Saturday Session

Yesterday I took some adorable pictures of this sweet family. Luckily we got all of our outside pictures taken before the rain came and I brought my studio equipment as a back up just in case. I hope you love your sneak peak BriAnne and here are a few of my favorites. Thanks again & Enjoy.....

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Pollard Kids

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take some pictures of four beautiful kids and might I say four very well behaved kids. I wanted to share of few of them cause I know Mom is wanting to see a sneak peak before they make the move to the Boston area on Monday. You see their Dad, Marcus Pollard #87, plays football for the New England Patriots and it's football season time which means they are off to their football home for the season =) I can't wait to see you guys in February and have a great time in your new hometown. We'll be watching!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Beach Vacation

Okay, I haven't posted anything in a week or so and that's because we have been on vacation. We went to Panama City Beach and got to stay in the most beautiful condo ever at Tidewater Beach Resort. We got it for $50 a night!!! I have included a few pictures of the place and some of the boys on the beach. Thomas had a blast and Jacob wasn't too sure of the sand. I hope you enjoy them and if you want to see more you can go to my website at and use beach2008 as your password to see the others.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ms Stephanie......

Tonight I had the pleasure of taking Stephanie's pictures for fun! And fun is what we had. She was totally up to anything I had in mind and was such a natural too. It was so hard to narrow down my favorites so I just decided to put them all up =) I hope you like this sneak peak Stephanie and can't wait till our November shoot. We're gonna have a blast! Enjoy.

The Cutest Couple Ever!

Yesterday evening my friends Cheyenne and Michael came all the way down from Buckhead to have me take their pictures. We had a blast going to different places and trying out new things. I hope they had as much fun as I did. This couple came ready, Cheyenne had an outfit for every location and she had matching shoes, jewelry and even had her husband Michael in a matching polo shirt =) He was such a good sport! I hope you two like them, Enjoy!

The James Family

I am a bit behind on posting this families pictures but I love how they turned out and I think Christina will be thrilled with them too. I did Brayden's newborn pictures not too long ago and next month it will be time for his three months pictures so I'm excited about doing those =) Here's a sneak peak at what we did the other night, Enjoy!

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