Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet Ms Sarah Parker

Today I went down to Fort Benning, Ga to meet this adorable little girl and her family for some pictures. Her Mom contacted me thru, The Littlest Hero's Project, to have her pictures made. This was my first session since joining LHP and I have to say it was a very moving experience for me. It made me think that we need to take nothing for granted and to enjoy our kids while they are little for they are only this way for a while. Here are a few of Sarah that are my favorites and Mom and Dad I hope you enjoy this sneak peak too. Thank you again for allowing me into your family's lives today to share in this very special time in Sarah's life. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Sarah Parker you are a beautiful little blessing! I know Momma and Daddy are very proud of you.
Melissa, what an opportunity to share God's love. We are very proud of you too!
Love Mom and Dad

Shining Star Photography said...

What a precious little girl...she is a real trooper. You did a beautiful job on these photos. Keep up the good work!

Chelsey said...

What a beautiful session! I'm glad the two of you got to meet & you get to capture these memories for mom & dad. What a blessing for everyone.

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